Spin the Roulette Wheel Once, Bet Once, RepeatThe vast majority of roulette betting strategies are predicated on wagering on even money shots like red/black or odd/even.

A third strategy is to use the single repeats (or single number) betting method, in which you wager on individual numbers.

Is it true that the Single Number Betting System is the most effective way to play roulette? Read on and draw your own conclusions.

Specifics of the One-Repeat Bet

This article analyzes the single repeating number strategy for roulette by considering the following points:

The System: The rationale for the system’s existence and how it came to be

The Positives: Benefits of Individual Repetition

The Downsides: Problems With the Current Setup

Final Thoughts: A General Overview with Some System-Specific Advice

Why did people start using a tactic based on single repetitions?

Each number in roulette should appear around the same amount of times. Therefore, if you were to play 37 games, you may anticipate a certain number to come up once, presuming you were using a European roulette wheel.

The Power of One NumberIn reality, though, 37 spins would provide a result in which some digits appear once, others appear several times, and some do not appear at all. The odds of a string of 37 consecutive wins are so low that they reach 15 digits.

Twenty consecutively different numbers are extremely unlikely. After eight spins, your odds of landing on the same number twice are more than 50%. By placing wagers on previously drawn numbers, this roulette strategy seeks to take advantage of this phenomenon.

What is the strategy behind betting on a single number in roulette?

Chips and a Roulette TableThe first step of this approach is to determine your unit stake. You should only risk a small fraction of your whole bankroll on this bet, as it will grow exponentially with each subsequent spin of the wheel. On the first turn, you’ll take a seat and tally the winning digit.

After this round of roulette, you’ll be betting one unit on each winning number; if the same number appears twice, you’ll double your wager.

An Example of the Single Repeats Betting System

Here’s how the Single Numbers Betting Strategy pans out in practice:

The initial spin yields a 12 as the outcome.

The initial wager is placed on the number 12, and the wheel is spun again. In this round, the number 32 appears.

You’ll now make a double wager, betting on 12 and 32.

The next seven spins also result in a new set of seven landed numbers.

To keep betting, you’ll now put nine units on the same nine numbers as before.

If you’re lucky, on the following spin the number 32 will appear for a second time, resulting in a 35-unit payout.

If you win, on the next spin you should put one unit on each of the won numbers. Except for 32, on which a two-unit wager has been placed.

Notable: The total number of spins in this system is 37.

The Single Repeats Advantages

That’s very cool!

Success at RouletteThe primary benefit of this approach to roulette is the thrill it provides. It provides an opportunity for larger-than-average payouts. Especially if the same number appears many times in the first 37 throws.

Many alternative betting methods may only allow you to win one unit at a time. No, that’s not the case at all!

You are not to blame.

In a Roulette SpinAnother perk may result from a broken wheel that has become slightly biased. Because of this, a previously hit number may have a higher chance of hitting again than it otherwise would.

In reality, this is quite unlikely to occur now, as wheels are manufactured to such a high degree that it is unusual to come across a defective one. That doesn’t mean the possibility can’t be explored, though.

Consequences of Betting on Just One Number in Roulette

Not securing an early victory

A Roulette Wheel with a TableThe strategy really starts to fall apart if you aren’t able to strike your target early on.

Think about how much money you’ll lose if each of your first 15 wagers loses. You’ll be placing a 16-unit wager on your next round. Keep in mind that the most profit you may expect at this point is 36 units. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect your current predicament to improve very soon.

With the current (betting) level, you will have spent 28 units after only seven spins. In other words, if you bet 36 chips and win 36 chips, you’ll be even after the eighth spin.

The key to success with the single repeats betting method is an early win.

You’ll want a sizable stash.

The roulette repeating number technique requires a high betting budget. If you want to play all the way to the 37th rotation, you’ll need at least 703.

To learn more about managing your bankroll and staking strategy, check out our Roulette Bankroll page.

Betting on Singles Again and Again: Final Thoughts

This method is unique in comparison to others. It might result in huge gains or devastating losses. This is not a strategy for the faint of heart, since the longer your losing streak continues, the more desperate you will feel.

However, the opposite spectrum of feelings is provided by repeatedly striking the same number. Keep in mind that the house always has an edge in roulette, just like with any other betting system. This means that there is no way to win the game in the long run.

In summation, no betting technique has been shown to be superior to others or to “guarantee” a profit.






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